PODCAST 16: Building the Impossible City

PODCAST 16: Building the Impossible City


PODCAST EPISODE 16: Building the Impossible City

Non-profit Arts Collective Sawhorse Revolution

Sarah Smith and Micah Stanovsky of Sawhorse Revolution discuss their work teaching carpentry skills to high school youth. With an emphasis on projects that serve their local communities, Sawhorse has constructed everything from tree houses to garden beds. Listen to their conversation here

In Circulation: Libraries as Monuments

In Circulation: Libraries as Monuments

IN CIRCULATION: Libraries as Monuments

TPR's Editorial Assistant Madeline Rose Williams discusses the shifting roles of libraries as living, breathing monuments and their function as storehouses of information when the way we store information changes.

Who Was Your Local Hero, Quinn Manson Buchwald?

Who Was Your Local Hero, Quinn Manson Buchwald?

Who Was Your Local Hero, Quinn Manson Buchwald?

TPR is partnering with the Seattle Public Library Foundation to feature young authors writing about their local heros.  This essay by Quinn Manson Buchwald won first place for the Library's 2014 Stim Bullett Civic Courage Scholarship!  2015 winners will be presenting their work at TPR this June! 

9 OUNCES: Tickets Available NOW

Since October 2014, The Project Room has been following poet Anastacia Tolbert's making of 9 Ounces: A One-Woman Show. See the results in a live performance at The Project Room September 10-12! Tickets available now at Stranger Ticket Sales.


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TOP ROW: Architect Tom Kundig (left) and Sound Artist Trimpin (center) present their points of view during the "Successful People Talking About Failure" series; the crowd settles in during a 2013 event; CENTER ROW: Taiwan-based Dancer Ying Zhou performs at a public rehearsal of "Swimming the List" (left); Icelandic textile artist Shoplifter (center) participate in a conversation with design collective Vik Prjonsdottir (center); Stephanie Wicker of the band Like Lightening performs as a pre-theater event for These Streets (right). Photos by Frank Huster, Katie Miller. 



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