October 26, 12pm at The Beacon/Massive Monkees Studio: 

Opposing Forces featuring choreographer Amy O'Neal and Marc Bamuthi Joseph of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Using O'Neal's forthcoming debut of the same name, "Opposing Forces" addresses assumptions and rethinking of B-Boy culture, contemporary dance, gender roles, and other questions of opposition found in this new work. Address: 664 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104


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PODCAST EPISODE #7: Visual Artist Juan Pablo Macías

PODCAST EPISODE #7: Visual Artist Juan Pablo Macías


Archivist/Activist: Recorded at Villa Romana in Florence, Juan Pablo Macías talks about devoting one's artistic efforts to a forgotten library

Oct. 23: Lit Crawl Seattle

Oct. 23: Lit Crawl Seattle

OCTOBER 23, 7PM & 8PM:

Lit Crawl Seattle: Get drunk...on words! Two different groups of readers take on our "Transformation" topic


Who Was Your First Hero, Maya Sonenberg?

Who Was Your First Hero, Maya Sonenberg?


In anticipation of Lit Crawl Seattle, featured writer Maya Sonenberg shares her story of finding her heroes in adulthood





The Project Room is a place of creative inquiry, where different points of view and areas of expertise are presented to an audience. In addition to the arts, programs feature technology, history, geography, industry, and other fields that intersect with the current theme. The goal is to better understand how creativity works for different kinds of people, and to appreciate its relevance to everyday life.

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In 2011, TPR opened its doors with the question, “Why Do We Make Things?” After nearly two years of conversation, presentation, and experimentation about this theme, the theme shifted into our second "big question": How Are We Remembered?

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TOP ROW: Architect Tom Kundig (left) and Sound Artist Trimpin (center) present their points of view during the "Successful People Talking About Failure" series; the crowd settles in during a 2013 event; CENTER ROW: Taiwan-based Dancer Ying Zhou performs at a public rehearsal of "Swimming the List" (left); Icelandic textile artist Shoplifter (center) participate in a conversation with design collective Vik Prjonsdottir (center); Stephanie Wicker of the band Like Lightening performs as a pre-theater event for These Streets (right). Photos by Frank Huster, Katie Miller. 



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