Podcast Episode 13

From Masquerades to Motherhood: Artist Natasha Marin

Natasha Marin is a Seattle based poet and interdisciplinary artist whose immersive and interactive performances, writing, and experience as the co-founder of SPoCS (Seattle People of Color Salon) explore themes of legacy, connection, community, and play.  This month Natasha and TPR Director Tia Kramer enjoy a lively evening discussion at The Project Room touching on how Trinidadian masquerades, Canadian friendliness, and motherhood all influence her work.  

Thanks Natasha! 

Natasha Marin's superpowers include Being Black, A Woman Artist, Writer, & Mother of Two. Her written work has been translated into several languages and has been showcased in exhibitions, performances and events around the world. Her debut collection, MILK, explores what it means to be nurtured in the Digital Age. Natasha has been published in periodicals like the Feminist Studies Journal, African American Review, and the Caribbean Writer and has received grants from the City of Austin, Artist Trust, the CD Forum, and the City of Seattle for her community projects involving text-based, visual, performance, and multimedia art. She is more popular on the internet than she is in "real life" and co-founded the Seattle People of Color Salon or "SPoCS"live long and prosper. 

Learn more about Natasha Marin on her website: natasha-marin.com