Podcast Episode 6

Tradition & Innovation: Munenori Takeda and Garrett Fisher


Japanese Noh Master Munenori Takeda was in Seattle recently, preparing for an opera collaboration with Composer Garrett Fisher and the Fisher Ensemble. I invited them to The Project Room to talk about our current topic, “Transformation,” and how it relates to the rich tradition of opera and Japanese Noh Theatre.

Composer’s update: "As Munenori’s and my collaboration deepened, a few things have shifted. As I began to shape the music around his involvement, I realized that what I was writing was, in a sense, a different piece than the original Kakitsubata, so I named the new one Yoshinaka. And without giving away too many creative secrets, Munenori’s role has changed slightly as well. We look forward to seeing you at the premiere!"- Garrett Fisher


To learn more about the collaboration between Fisher and Takeda, visit their website: www.nohandopera.com 

Above image: Mr. Takeda singing during his visit to The Project Room; at right: Fisher and Mr. Takeda at ACT Theatre, Seattle