9 Ounces: Angelic Imperfections

This week, Anastacia is getting to know Luna, 7 years old and an angel. Watch a video in two parts to hear Anastacia talk about the difficulties of navigating this perfect, imperfect character, and read a transcript of an interview with Luna. Find out more about 9 Ounces here, and enjoy learning about Luna alongside Anastacia!

About 9 Ounces:

9 Ounces: A One Woman Show is an unkempt, de-ribbon-ed, narrative braid dangling with cooked parts. It unofficially yogas its way through the unexpected journey of a queer woman of color's mid-life a-ha moment and extreme case of takotsubo's cardiomyopathy. Using the audience as mirror, epiphany and diary, three narratives crochet themselves around evolving frames. Meet Luna, innocent, truth-telling childlike ghost-angel, Saraphina filter-free wise counsel-spiritual matriarch and Alice an artist and writer wedged between four universal questions: Who the hell am I/not? What am I supposed to be doing? Why me? What's for Dinner? Together, the three bravely and vulnerably traverse the what-now with humor, sadness and a longing wish to have a deeper appreciation and longstanding compassion for Alice's 9-ounce heart and a goal to master downward dog.


I begin my work hanging out on Luna’s playground! My goal this week has been to try and comprehend and convey the fullness of Luna. Although her character is very young, SHE is not completely young. SHE is not any one thing. I’ve been obsessively thinking a lot about motherhood and the unofficial role children play as staunch record keepers, his/herstorians, prophets, liaisons and priestess. 

Tonight we had our first interview:

Luna- What are you doing?

Anastacia- Getting set up to interview you.

Luna- Why?

Anastacia- Because it’s your turn.

Luna- How about I interview you?

Anastacia- That’s my job.

Luna- I like your hair. I like your earrings too. I don’t like your shirt. 

Anastacia- Thank you and…it’s okay that you don’t like my shirt. 

Luna- Did you know that you are mostly water and that's why sometimes you feel like you are drowning and did you know that you are divine? 

Anastacia- Well, yes. Kind of. 

Luna- I think humans have a problem with being called divine and also they don’t want to be called evil. I think humans are never satisfied with anything. They say one thing but do the complete opposite. 

Anastacia- I feel that way sometimes too. 

Luna- Why couldn’t we do this interview standing up or jumping? Sitting is so boring. Can you stand on your head? I can stand on my wings. When is the last time you jumped rope or licked frosting from a red bowl? Did you know butterflies and dragonflies have a secret language but babies can understand the language too? Why do adults talk down to children? Children know so much more than adults.

Anastacia- I cannot keep up with all your questions! Who do you belong to?

Luna- Trees. The ocean. God. My mama. Nobody. Everybody. A closed womb full of light. The dead. A medical text book. An altar. 

Anastacia- Do you belong to your ________?

Luna- No. Don’t talk about that. 

Anastacia- How were you created? How did you die? Why did you die? Did you die?

Luna- Now who is asking too many questions!  I AM. But also pieces of me are strong desires. Pieces of me are just hopes & wishes. My heart is mainly moon fragments & forgiveness. Some of me is just 7. When I turn 8 I want a unicorn. A brown one. No a white one. No a black one. Yes! A black one. Some of me is even you. 

Anastacia- I had no idea unicorns really existed. I’ve been wanting one for a very long time. 

Luna- Desire it really hard. Say it a lot. It could happen. 

Anastacia- When do you sleep?

Luna- What’s that? 

Anastacia- Funny! (can you stop jumping up and own for a second) If you could change anything about us flawed humans what would it be?

Luna- The way you treat yourselves. I would never talk to myself the way you talk to yourself and I would never treat my fellow human the way you treat you fellow humans. I am judging the human race. 

Anastacia- What?

Luna- Just saying. I treat myself as if I am everything because I am. You treat yourself like you are only a few things. As if you exist on a one-lane highway. 

Anastacia- This is what you think (can you stop flying with one wing for now) about humans?

Luna- Yes.  And also they drink too much coffee & say fuck a whole bunch! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!

Anastacia- Luna! Focus. 

Luna- It doesn’t sound very nice does it?

Anastacia- What do you drink? 

Luna- Love. 

Anastacia- I don’t know what that looks like. What color is it?

Luna-I can’t tell you. 

Anastacia- Are you a spirit or angel or half human—explain.

Luna- No. I don’t wanna. 

Anastacia- You don’t want to explain?

Luna- No. It’s magic. I am magic. 

Anastacia- Magic like…

Luna-Magic like believe me or don’t & poof plus shazam. 

Anastacia- I believe you.

Anastacia Tolbert is a Cave Canem Fellow, Hedgebrook Alumna, Jack Straw Writer, EDGE Professional Writer, VONA alum, creative writing workshop facilitator, documentarian and playwright. She is writer, co-director, and co-producer of GOTBREAST? Documentary (2007): a documentary about the views of women regarding breast and body image. Lately she’s been obsessed with the body & the stories it holds. Her poetry, fiction & nonfiction have been published widely.