Covers That Transform the Originals

I've been listening to a lot of covers lately. There is something very refreshing about discovering a new way to listen to a song. There have been many times when I changed my mind about an original song because I listened to someone else's version of it. The practice has the ability to change the meaning of a song for many people. Here are some of the covers that have been on my mind during the past few weeks:

Obadiah Parker - Hey Ya

Outkast's popular single Hey Ya! is an infectious dance romp that still brings a smile to my face everytime it comes on. Obadiah Parker chooses to focus upon the lyrics that depict a relationship falling apart. It really bring out the sadness expressed underneath its original pop-centric beats and melody.

Peter Gabriel - The Book of Love

I admit, I heard Peter Gabriel's cover of the Book of Love before I heard the orginal by The Magnetic Fields. I just love the string arrangement (amazingly performed by the New Blood Orchestra) behind Gabriel's iconic voice. This song was a part of a project called Scratch My Back that he put together with other artists where they cover each other's music.

LP - Halo

If you haven't heard LP, you are in store for a treat. Her dynamic voice and soaring range is downright amazing. Beyonce's Halo is transformed by LP's power and grace. It's a great complement to the original.

The Bird and The Bee - Rich Girl

This is just one song off a whole album the Bird and the Bee dedicated to the wonderous sounds of Hall and Oates. This rendition brings a chill version of a great single that soothes the ears.

Chet Faker - No Diggity

Blackstreet's only hit No Diggity is reimagined by a grizzly white man. Smooth and suave.... you know, for the hipster in all of us.