Art & Technology: Speed Dating (Event #1)

June 27, 7-9pm

Open to the public via Twitter: #projectroomSEA / #10Art10Tech

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Read a review from The Stranger here.

To kick off the summer program series, Solutions, The Project Room is bringing together ten artists and ten technologists for an introductory evening of investigation, problem-solving, and socializing. This is part I of a series dedicated to mixing makers of art and technology.

Organized in the “speed dating” format, participants will engage in brief one-on-one conversations in which they’ll get to know what the other person makes (as best they can in about seven minutes) while “chaperones” eavesdrop on the dates and Tweet their observations in real time.

By the evening’s end– 100 conversations later– the group will have generated a few problems to be tackled at the following public event on July 11. 

Event #2: Dinner and a Movie - July 11 will be free and open to the public, so come to TPR July 11 to continue the experiment with us!

With these different types of “makers” coming from diverse creative backgrounds, the goal is to tap into the rich intellectual capital in this region and encourage people to think about how problems are addressed and solutions are tested in fields that often do not interact with each other. Participants will stretch their brains, expand their vocabulary and find common language in the space of problem-solving. While the problems may seem concrete on the outset, all sorts of theories and philosophical reflections are expected to emerge as we think about how each creative realm addresses problems. At the conclusion of the evening, a groundwork should exist for future connections that will continue to grow as the experiment continues.

The Participants


Pete Bjordahl: Founder and CEO, Parallel Public Works
Ezra Cooper: Software Engineer, Google
Hsu-Ken Ooi: Founder,
Charlie Matlack: CEO & Co-Founder at PotaVida; PhD Candidate at UW
Elisabeth Robson: Computer Scientist
Ethan Schoonover: Technology consultant, web design
Korby Sears: Senior Producer, Discovery Bay Games; Principal Composer, Tejas Tunes
Sooyoung Shin: Software Engineer
Redwood Stephens: Mechanical Engineering Department Head, Synapse
Dave Zucker: Mechanical engineer, entrepreneur, designer, tinkerer


Byron Au Yong: Composer
SJ Chiro: Filmmaker
Lesley Hazleton: Writer
Jean Hicks: Milliner, visual artist
Bill Horist: Improvisational musician, Composer
Jeffry Mitchell: Ceramicist/Visual artist
Amy O’Neal: Dancer, Choreographer
John Osebold: Composer, performer
Stokley Towles: Performer
Claude Zervas: Sculptor/Visual artist

Chaperones- follow them on Twitter during the event, or at projectroomSEA:
Matthew Baldwin: Writer @matthewbaldwin
Brangien Davis: Arts & Culture Editor, Seattle Magazine @brangien
Jen Graves: Art Critic, The Stranger @JenGraves
Nancy Guppy: Producer and Host, Seattle Channel @azwithnancyg
Harmony Hasbrook: Designer and Writer, Parallel Public Works @ParallelPW
C. Davida Ingram: Writer, artist, cultural worker  @idebelle76
Charles Mudede: Social critic and filmmaker @mudede
Sasha Pasulka: Vice President of Product & Marketing, Salad Labs @SashRocks
Joey Veltkamp: Artist and Art Writer @joeyveltkamp
Jenifer Ward: Associate Provost, Cornish College of the Arts; Editor, TPR’s Off Paper @jenifer_ward


This program has been co-created by Interdisciplinary Artist Susie Lee and Co-Founder Hsu-Ken Ooi in partnership with The Project Room.