Happy Birthday TPR!

Thanks to everyone who attended the Birthday Party Open House!

The summary of TPR’s first year will remain on display all month, as will the completed prints from The Big Question Print Series. We will be open Wednesdays from 11am-2pm. 


One year ago, TPR opened its doors to the public by asking the question, “Why Do We Make Things?” Since then, TPR has produced over 70 events and published 37 original essays on Off Paper in response to this question. Visit this Saturday to see documented results of the programming as well as the first six completed prints by Charles Spitzack from his limited-edition series.

Special thanks to all the makers who shared their work in TPR during the past twelve months and to everyone who has attended an event or contributed their thoughts online!

A bit of background:

TPR was started in 2011 by Jess Van Nostrand, a visual art curator. Jess was seeking a different approach to curating, one that allowed her to explore subject matter more deeply that one exhibition would allow. The result was a question-based structure that included an online literary journal and a long-term theme of one to two years. The first question, reflecting the building of a new arts space, was“Why Do We Make Things?”