Images of The Klavihorn

An update from the Klavihorn restoration panel – we’ll be in the awesome space of the Project Room at the end of the week! I can’t show you the instrument yet, but I can show you these charts which Ben Blankenship has discovered as part of his research. Some of these early images show how scientists of the time thought that the Klavihorn worked – kind of a beautiful visual essay on the effect of sound and the image on Klavihorn audiences, circa the early 1900s. These images may have at one time formed a diptych, you’ll have to ask Ben at the opening.


Just as a reminder, there’s only 10 days before the Klavihorn viewing! Come join us on April 1st at 5pm at the Project Room. We’ll have a Klavihornier there to play the instrument for you and Garrett Fisher will be explaining how this remarkable instrument has influenced his work on the upcoming indie film and opera presented by the Fisher Ensemble, Magda G.

This is a free event and you can even continue the party at the reception following the presentation- just like the Fisher Ensemble on Facebook as an automatic RSVP.

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Be sure to check out all of the other projects coming up at the Project Room as part of the Beginning series, and a big thank you to Jess Van Nostrand for letting us use your space!