Introducing: Beginnings


Many of us who are interested in the arts have listened to makers of things speak about their work after it’s finished. But what if they presented their work right after they first thought of it? Beginnings is a series of events, open studios, and other happenings dedicated to sharing brand new ideas by fascinating creative people. As is the custom with TPR, the idea-in-progress will be followed and supported as it develops so we can all can follow the project’s life on the website and/or live in the space.

The motivation behind Beginnings is to emphasize that ideas are only ideas until someone takes a risk and turns them into things. Our two-year theme, Why Do We Make Things? continues as we examine that crucial place between having an idea and making it happen.

Some of the new ideas being featured are as follows- more information will be online soon about each:

These Streets: A rock musical and educational collaboration by Gretta Harley and Sarah Rudinoff

The Big Question Print Series: A response to Why Do We Make Things? in a limited edition print series by Charlie Spitzack

An Array of Essence: An evolution-inspired sculpture series by Allan Packer

The Klavihorn: A film about an opera about a myth inspired by an instrument by Garrett Fisher and Ryan K Adams

Other special events will also be featured that address the theme of “Beginnings” from different perspectives:

March 22 – Spilled Milk: A conversation with food writers and podcasters Matthew Amster-Burton and Molly Wizenberg, moderated by Langdon Cook.

March 23 – 30 – Northwest Passing by Kevin and Jennifer McCoy: Artwork by Northwest Masters is interpreted on the fly in an improvisational exercise featuring performers and a live audience.

April 27 – Bladfold by David Nixon: An animated musical documentary film-in-the-making with music by David Nixon & Daniel Spils