Klavihorn Artifacts

Garrett Fisher, Ryan K. Adams, and I met yesterday with the wonderful founder of the Project Room, Jess Van Nostrand. I think it’s shaping up to be quite an event and I can’t wait to see the Klavihorn when they finally move it into this amazing space. Ben Blankenship has been helping us with the restoration and provided us with some extra materials he’s dug up about the Klavihorn – it has such an intriguing history!


Don’t forget, you can come see the Klavihorn’s unveiling on April 1st at 5pm at The Project Room for free! We’ll be demonstrating the instrument, as well as giving you a sneak preview of some of the sounds that it will be contributing to the Fisher Ensemble’s upcoming indie film and opera production, Magda G. Another reason not to miss it: like the Fisher Ensemble on Facebook and you’ll also be invited to a reception with Garrett Fisher and core members of the Fisher Ensemble after the performance.

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