Mandy Greer’s Solstenen returns for crocheting and films!

On November 16, 2011 from 5-8pm This past summer’s artist-in-residence Mandy Greer pops back up in The Project Room with her project “Solstenen” for a night of community crocheting and investigating the artists who are inspiring and mentoring her new body of work.

At 5pm, Mandy is on hand to teach anyone willing to learn to crochet, contributing stitches to the Solstenen crocheting heading to Iceland in 2012.

From 6-8pm, then, continue crocheting while watching a presentation of films by Solstenen guest artists performance artist/musician Saskia Delores and filmmaker/photographer Rodrigo Valenzuela.

As with the other Solstenen guest artists, join Mandy in an informal Q and A with these artists, as she picks their brains and finds out why they make things.

From Mandy:

Saskia and Rodrigo both make subtly provocative work that highlights how the magic in the mundane can be captured and bloom in the medium of film. Their bodies of work both reveal the cinematic psychological tension and expansive capacity of the eyes to reveal a volcano of emotion… how we reveal when we try to hide. And both continue to encourage my fledgling pursuit of using film/movement to explore themes in the Solstenen project. I am thrilled to share their work, learn more about their projects with anyone willing to take a dip into the Solstenen project, while also basking in their encouragement for expanding into new media with my work.

Between constructions from Rodrigo valenzuela on Vimeo.