Northwest Passing: The Performance

In March 2012, The Project Room presented a two-night performance in which actors improvised “tours” of artwork by famous Northwest artists. Each actor was given ten minutes to do or say whatever they wanted regarding the artwork on display, and the audience was encouraged to ask questions and make observations of their own. The program was created by video artists Kevin & Jennifer McCoy as part of the Beginnings series that looked at new ideas, personal beginnings, and Northwest history. Read more about Northwest Passing here.

Curious about what the artwork actually was?

(Top to bottom): Baboon #1, c. 1937 by Morris Graves (1910-2001); charcoal and tempera on craft paper. Courtesy of Perkins Coie, LLP

Rusting Time Band, 1970 by Guy Anderson (1906–1998); oil and metal assemblage. Courtesy of Woodside/Braseth Gallery

Winter Dance Time, 1946
 by Helmi Juvonen (1903 – 1985)
; lithograph. Courtesy of the King County Public Art Collection & 4Culture

Woods Cat, date unknown by Kenneth Callahan (1905-1986); ink on paper. Courtesy of Perkins Coie, LLP

Untitled, 1961 by Mark Tobey (1890 – 1976); lithograph. Courtesy of Mary-K McCoy

Smelt, date unknown by George Tsutakawa (1910-1997); sumi ink on paper. Courtesy of Perkins Coie, LLP