The Start-Up

March 3, 2-3:30pm: The Start-Up: Six Seattle-based makers and entrepreneurs will share their perspectives on what it takes to get something off the ground and how they made it work. Representing technology, art, food, Northwest history and other areas of expertise, these guests will discuss topics related to Beginnings, such as where new ideas come from and how they become something more. Join the conversation!


Sarah Bergmann – Artist & Creator of The Pollinator Pathway

Tim Detweiler – Executive Director of The Museum of Northwest Art

Susie Evans – Co-Founder of Office Nomads

Hsu-Ken Ooi – Co-Founder of Decide

Sarah Novotny - CIO at Meteor Entertainment and Co-Founder of Blue Gecko

Zephyr Paquette – Chef and Owner of Skelly and The Bean (opening soon!)