Updated Solstenen Guest Events Added…

The Solstenen project residency at The Project Room has a little less than two weeks to go before I take Solstenen to the privacy of my own studio. So why not pack these last two weeks with events and terrific people! Here’s a list of the newest events scheduled.


* August 25th, Thursday – 31st, Wednesday, Guest Artist Installation, on-going – please drop by; Vis-a-Vis Society’s Sierra Nelson, Interactive Rune Poetry installation “Runasafn / Rune Library”. Poems written during a residency in Iceland, Sierra shares them by having you choose a rune stone which corresponds to a poem, you fill out a library card and take your poem home.

* August 27th, Saturday: Guest Artist Event, 6 – 9pm; Artist and Lo-Fi Festival curator Anne Blackburn Artist Talk and hands-on demo of book-carving for her environmental installations. Photos and films from her two-year installation of human-made shelf fungus.

* August 29th, Monday, Guest Artist Event, 11 am – 2pm; Mini-residency with Wood Sculptor/Jeweler and sweets enthusiast Julia Harrison, sharing with me some techniques to carve wood shoes! Then at 5 – 6:30pm; Julia does a show and tell of works-in-process, images and conversation…and special treats!

* August 30, Tuesday, Guest Artist Event, 5 – 7:30 pm; During Solstenen’s final crochet party, Erin Shafkind’s community project ‘Department of Artistic Licensing’ comes back for an encore!

* August 31, Wednesday, Guest Artist Event, 6 – 8 pm; Poet, text-based artist and ‘data-Dadaist’ Sierra Nelson comes in for ‘show and tell’ and conversation about her own journey to Iceland for the SIMS artist residency. She’ll share her interactive surveys on ‘sending and receiving’ and photography of forgotten intimate spaces of Reykjavic. And we’ll be making Icelandic pancakes!