"Introduction" 9"x13" woodblock 2011

"Introduction" 9"x13" woodblock 2011

This first print came to me directly, which the majority of my work does not. It clearly says “hello!”, here I am, and it becomes the simple task of laying it out visually, drawing in the details, choosing layers, carving and printing the block.

This first print is titled “introduction”. Loosely based off the Project Room and it’s origin, the image resembles a maze of temporary gallery walls, one having fallen over exposing the wooden framework it is made of.

I agreed to pursue The Project Room Print Series, a collection based off questions arisen at the Project Room as well as reacting to the other pieces present there, for a multitude of reasons. I am excited to challenge myself and question why I create, and ask why I have made the choices I have made, and look deeper into my personal motivations. Along with questioning my own endeavors, I am also excited to work responding to others process and thought, important in expanding to greater understandings and uncharted territory. I am also excited to explore why we as a whole create and have done so throughout history, and dive into a realm of unknown.

For those reasons and others that will come, I am eager accept this challenge. I see it as a challenge as it forces myself to question and critically explore concepts I have readily avoided (more on that to come). And in following with my philosophy- I deeply believe in breaking down preconceptions and opening ones self up to new possibilities in reach for a greater perspective.

Charles will be working in The Project Room every other Saturday starting February 11, from 1-4pm. Read more about his project.