TPR’s Featured Topics: Through the Eyes of a Printmaker

The Project Room is happy to welcome Seattle printmaker Charles Spitzack back to TPR for another open studio on Saturday February 9 from 1-6pm. As part of our current topic, Failure, Charles will work with “failed” wood blocks from previous prints to see what he can make of them- anyone is welcome to stop by and see how it’s going!

Charles began the series of twelve prints during our Beginnings topic in response to TPR’s different topics. Below are the first six completed prints, which are available for sale individually or in a set of twelve. For more information about purchasing a piece, email



#1 564: “Introduction” (2011). Read more about how Charles approached making the first print in the series.

#2 565: “Disjointed” (2012) came from original feeling of overwhelmed when approaching the project and the questions this presented- Read more about that here.

3# 567: “Child’s Play” (2012). Working off TPR’s big question, “Why Do We Make Things?” I thought of how the child’s construction toy– in this case–a the backhoe that you often see at playgrounds– reminds us that in the future (when the child has grown), our landscape may be drastically different from today. It is also saying we make things to do just that, change our landscape, change & alter our environment so it meets with our ideals & perspective better.

#4  568: “The Futurist’s Manifesto” (2012) came from a series of obstructions/challenges that a friend gave me to work around: read more about that here.

#5  569 “Extension Bridge” (2012) is another response to Tim’s assignment of “obstructions.”

#6  570: “Leviathan” (2012) is the third print made from Tim’s assignment of “obstructions”, number 1.