Authorship presents poets Brangien Davis, Jennifer Borges Foster, and Kate Lebo

Thursday November 10, 6pm: The Authorship Experiment presents poets Brangien Davis, Jennifer Borges Foster, and Kate Lebo

After several weeks of creating erasures and collecting anonymous virginity stories from the public, the three poets from the Authorship Experiment present the results of their collaboration. Join us on Thursday to see what they’ve made!


Erasure in-progress by Jennifer Borges Foster

From the Poets:

This event functions both as an invite to our reading on November 10th at The Project Room AND a call for submissions on the subject of losing your virginity.

Over the last month, writers Brangien Davis, Jennifer Borges Foster and Kate Lebo have been working on a literary experiment for The Project Room. Each writer has created her own erasure of a book called The Impatient Virgin, by Donald Henderson Clarke (1931). As a companion to this experiment in authorship, we are encouraging you to send us the stories of your own loss of virginity (whether you were impatient or uncomplaining).

Our challenge to you is to TELL US THE STORY OF YOUR OWN DEFLOWERING IN ONE SENTENCE. One sentence! You can either submit your one sentence to us via email, at, or write it anonymously on a scrap of paper and bring it to our presentation at The Project Room on November 10.

On that night, Brangien, Jennifer, Kate and audience members will read the one-sentence stories (as well as selections from a few longer submitted stories online)—but with no author attribution. (And perhaps even claiming them as their own virgin stories.) After all, though each person’s virginity-loss story feels deeply personal, the punchline, as it were, is pretty much the same for everyone.

Brangien, Jennifer and Kate will also reveal each of their individual takes on erasing The Impatient Virgin.