He’s Finished: Charles Spitzack’s Celebratory Print Party!

November 14, 6-8pm

The Big Question Print Series by Charles Spitzack
Read more about this series here:


Join us for a special presentation of the completed twelve-print series that Seattle artist Charles Spitzack has been working on at TPR since January 2012. Created in response to TPR’s themes and topics, Spitzack has made twelve different woodblock prints over the course of many Saturdays, and will share the entire series in person on November 14 from 6-8pm. 

See prints #1-#10 below!

About Charles: 
Charles Spitzack is a Midwest artist and entrepreneur based out of Seattle WA. Taking a multifaceted approach to survival, Spitzack is the founder of The New Number Two, a small business operating in the Capitol Hill neighborhood offering a wide range of hands-on services. Though he graduated from Cornish College of Art in 2010 with a focus in Print Arts & Drawing, Spitzack prefers to be known as a self-realized individual.

The majority of Spitzack’s work resolves itself in the form of a print. Dedicated to dissolving barriers in commitment to the communal whole, Spitzack has found printmaking to be an excellent way to express these ideas in both subject matter and process. Having pledged himself to a life of mystery at the age of 9, he wonders how long he will be able to hold on before becoming a Jehovah’s Witness.  Charles Spitzack is represented by Davidson Galleries.

All the works from this series are available for sale, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting The Project Room’s programs. Prices are as follows: $125 unframed; $300 framed; $1200 for the unframed set. Contact Charles directly with inquiries: charles.spitzack[at]gmail.com


#1 564: “Introduction” (2011). Read more about how Charles approached making the first print in the series.

#2 565: “Disjointed” (2012) came from original feeling of overwhelmed when approaching the project and the questions this presented- Read more about that here.

3# 567: “Child’s Play” (2012). Working off TPR’s big question, “Why Do We Make Things?” I thought of how the child’s construction toy– in this case–a the backhoe that you often see at playgrounds– reminds us that in the future (when the child has grown), our landscape may be drastically different from today. It is also saying we make things to do just that, change our landscape, change & alter our environment so it meets with our ideals & perspective better.


#4  568: “The Futurist’s Manifesto” (2012) came from a series of obstructions/challenges that a friend gave me to work around: read more about that here.

#5  569 “Extension Bridge” (2012) is another response to Tim’s assignment of “obstructions.”


#6  570: “Leviathan” (2012) is the third print made from Tim’s assignment of “obstructions”, number 1.


To hear more about the ideas behind each print, join us on November 14th!