Art & Technology: Dinner & A Movie (Event #2)

July 11, 7-9pm

Solutions, TPR’s summer topic, continues as the artists and technologists who went on speed dates last week gather in TPR to tackle a question, this time in a group discussion format. The participants will work together to define, explore, and play with the following topic:

What’s it worth to you? (The relationship between Debris & Value)
This topic gets at the idea of how we treat “leftovers” in society, time, design, and as part of the making process. It also asks the question of how we value debris and how to manage these leftovers.

This event is open to the public- more information about what role the audience will play will be announced early next week.

Read more about Event #1, Speed Dating, and the Twitter results.


Left: Speed Dating Chaperone Jen Graves (and art critic at The Stranger) observes a conversation between author Leslie Hazleton (left) and CEO & Co-Founder at PotaVida, Charlie Matlack (right), in TPR on June 27.