Bladfold by David Nixon

April 27, 7pm: Bladfold: An animated musical documentary film-in-the-making by David Nixon with music by David Nixon & Daniel Spils (Maktub, Super Sonic Soul Pimps).

Seattle musician, animator, actor, performance artist, Philosophy professor, and creator of the short film The Shelf (2011), David Nixon shares his new film in development about his father Brad Nixon, an influential and infamous leader of a cult-like sect of Buddhism in Seattle in the 1970′s. The audience will be encouraged to provide feedback and contribute ideas towards this new work’s final form. Nixon’s completed work titled The Shelf will also be shown. As part of theBeginnings program series, this event will look at Nixon’s use of his personal beginnings as creative material while sharing his process at the beginning of a new project.

Watch the trailer for the film

About the Artist: David Mitsuo Nixon is a multi-disciplinary artist (film maker, animator, musician, performance artist, banjo player, composer, choreographer, painter, actor, singer) and a philosophy professor at UW-Bothell where he teaches classes on The Meaning of Life, music, science fiction, and ethics (among other things). He’s a member of the music/theater/art collective “Awesome” and the alt-bluegrass trio The Half Brothers.

Read David’s response to our question, “What’s the First Thing You Ever Made?” in Off Paper- audio included!


Above: Still from The Shelf