New Studio!

In moving to a new studio at the beginning of the year, I (and studio mates) have spent substantial time building it up, organizing our materials/tools, building and creating an ideal environment for ourselves to work.

It’s been a wonderful thing to get carried away with. Such a place screams potential for creating and making things- something I find much enjoyment out of. Setting up such an environment has been, to admit, a bit of an obsession. I could have stopped setting up the studio long ago, but have been driving to keep building and perfecting beyond having the functioning needs met. A working studio opens so many doors, but also requires a certain amount of stability and continuity, and a great amount of resources- which in itself is a sacrifice, but for myself not a hard one to make, in fact, its basic.

And the doors that are opened?: The means and ability to create & build things… and why is this such a great endeavor? To share and express oneself in ways unachievable otherwise- is always one answer. Taking things apart and building them back together in new ways, also a deeply compelling reason. And thats where it links into the Project Room. Where does this excitement burst from- this drive… I do not know but I feel with it and act on it, and this studio is a means to do so…

Now to switch gears back from building the space to using what it has been made for, building in the space…


LAST TOOTH PRINTS: a collaboration between Jon Horn, Rainey Warren, & Charles Spitzack.

Studio Opening: Thursday April 12, 6:30pm / 800 E Denny Way, Seattle WA 98102