Podcast Episode 21

Displacement: Visual Artist Veit Stratmann

Paris-based artist Veit Stratmann, who presented the work title L'Aquila at The Project Room in 2012, has made a practice of researching and writing about places of massive upheaval and its impact on the people who have lived there. After the recent terrorist attacks in Paris which took place near his home, we had a conversation about the connections between this event and his work, and what motivates him to be an artist, especially during difficult times.

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Podcast Episode 19:

The New Art Marketplace: Digital Artist Kevin McCoy

In this interview, we visit with Kevin McCoy during the launch of his first company, an online platform for the buying and selling of digital artwork. Monegraph, as this company is called, could change everything about how we value artwork and how artists get paid for the work they make.

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Podcast Episode 18:

A Symbol of Pride: Rainbow Flag Designer Gilbert Baker

In 1978, Gilbert Baker, a drag queen and community activist in San Francisco, responded to his friend Harvey Milk's assertion that the gay rights movement needed a new symbol. In this interview, he chats with TPR Founder Jess Van Nostrand about the rainbow flag's first showing in 1978 and many of the interesting things that have happened since.  

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Podcast Episode 17

Was Here: Visual Artist Ellie Dicola

This month's podcast is a conversation with Seattle-based artist Ellie DicolaAs part of Seattle Storefronts, a program that places artist projects in vacant storefront spaces, Ellie created the installation Was Here. As a corporeal monument to places that are gone, Was Here is a documentation of local businesses and organizations that have disappeared over the last handful of years.

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Podcast Episode 6

Tradition & Innovation: Noh Master Munenori Takeda and Composer Garrett Fisher

Japanese Noh Master Munenori Takeda was in Seattle recently, preparing for an opera collaboration with Composer Garrett Fisher and the Fisher Ensemble. At The Project Room we discuss our current topic, “Transformation,” and how it relates to the rich tradition of opera and Japanese Noh Theatre.

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Podcast Episode 5

Empathy, Equity, Change: Musician and Visual Artist Paul Rucker

in 2009, Paul Rucker began making work that responded to the history of slavery and its relationship to current American issues about race and equality. This effort developed into the on-going work, "Recapitulation," which The Project Room is followed throughout 2014. Hear about Paul's progress and to see what he has learned so far in this ambitious and large-scale body of work. 

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